Everything Exists As Frequency, Resonance, Fringe Arts Bath 2014


Nothing is really solid; the molecules within matter are constantly vibrating. We think that we are flesh and bone, when we are actually a combination of electromagnetic signals. Everybody is emitting their own frequency and absorbing frequencies around them.


Resonance describes how frequencies communicate and harmonise with each other. The resonant frequencies of a space sonically describe the accumulation of frequencies present in it; the walls, the furniture, the materials that make up the space, aswell as each person who enters the space. Everything is vibrating at a particular frequency.


Inspired by a technique discovered by Alvin Lucier, this installation aims to facilitate a live interactive experience of resonance. The space is recorded. This recording is then played back into the space, while re-recording it. This process is repeated over and over again, building up a feedback loop, and capturing the acoustics of the space.


Initially, voices will become audible, and fragments of conversation will re-enter the space. As these recordings proceed, sound becomes distorted; a distinctive cough re-emerges as an eerie echo. Eventually these recordings amplify certain frequencies of the space, articulated by speech, music and movement; words become unintelligible, replaced by the pure resonant frequencies of the space. At this stage, the space will begin to reverberate creating a physical experience of resonance.

Piece bath Image