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Tanya employed the architecture of Nicholas Hawksmoor as an instrument to explore the relationship between sound and geometry within form. To investigate this concept, she recorded the resonant frequency of four Hawksmoor churches. Inspired by a technique discovered by Alvin Lucier, Tanya recorded the silence of each church and played this recording back into the church while re-recording and repeated this process until the resonant frequencies of the church became audible.


The concept of architecture as frozen music and music as liquid architecture, first formulated by Goethe in XIX century, encapsulates the essence of this project. It describes how music and architecture employ the golden ratio; the geometric blueprint evident throughout nature, to express harmony.


The study of cymatics reveals that sound vibrations excite matter into geometric forms, which coincide with the golden ratio. By placing water inside a loudspeaker, Tanya discovered the hidden geometry of these resonant frequencies, hence translating sound into liquid architecture. Watching a cymatics experiment makes it possible to see that everything oscillates, vibrates, and undulates in nature, which orchestrates geometries found throughout the natural world. Tanya engraved these sound glyphs onto stone tablets in an attempt to freeze the music of the architecture onto the very stone used to construct Hawksmoor's buildings. This project aims to provoke new insights into the subtle vibrations through which all life manifests itself. Read more...

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St. George, Bloomsbury

St. Anne, Limehouse


St. George-in-the-East, Shadwell

Resonant frequency;St. George

Resonant frequency; St. Anne

Resonant frequency; St. George


Resonant frequency;Christchurch

Sound Pattern; St. George

Sound Pattern; St. Anne

Sound Pattern; Christchurch

Sound Pattern; St. George East

Sound Glyph; St. George

Sound Glyph; St. George East

Sound Glyph; St. Anne

Sound Glyph; Christchurch

Recording the resonant frequency of St. Anne's Church, Limehouse

Cymatic Experiment; 450 watt mono amplifier and 15" sub-woofer speaker which has been vacuum-formed to allow water inside

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Soundry, a creative listening laboratory and magazine , interviews Tanya. Read more...

ST. George Bloomsbury Floorplan St. Anne Floorplan Christchurch Floorplan ST. George-in-the-East Floorplan

Floorplan, St. George

Floorplan, St. Anne

Floorplan, Christchurch

Floorplan, St. George East

Synaptic Stimuli - Sapce, form and matter appear fixed. Time, sound and vibration appear to move.   Read more...


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Resonance and Recapitulation: Echo of a Renaissance. Reveiw of ISSTA exhibit, 2015. Read more...

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Featured in upcoming biannual magazine; In Print - Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, New York.  Read more...